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1 How do I bet on a match or event? Featured

Please notice: Due to regulatory reasons our casino is not available for the time being. Please deposit the minimum amount of 10 euro respectively into yor account. As soon as these funds have been credited, you can place a sports bet or play on the Casino. On the right-hand side of the website your betting slip along with your possible winnings are displayed. Before placing a real bet, why not practise…

2 What are single bets, combination bets and system bets?

As the name indicates, with a single bet you only bet on the outcome of one event. Normallly this type of bet is only available for top (Football) Leagues. Typical single bets are outright bets like »Who wins the German Bundesliga?« or »Who will be the overall winner of the World Cup?« All bets which allow you to select more than one event, are called combination or accumulator bets. A system…

3 What does 3-way mean?

A three way bet is the standard bet in football and all other events where the following three different outcomes are possible: Home win (1), draw (X) and away win (2).

4 What does 2-way mean?

2-way bets generally indicate bets on events where there are only two possible outcomes, as in tennis or basketball. Only one of the oponnents can win here, there is no draw. Moreover, there are special bets which work according to the same principle. Example: Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel versus Lewis Hamilton ‒ who finishes ahead of who (Head to Head bet)?

5 What does Over/Under mean?

With an Over/under bet you bet on the number of goals to be scored in regular time excluding extra time and penalty shoot-outs. Will both teams score at least three (over) or no more than 2 (under) goals? On the Sportsbook homepage you will find the odds in the O/U column. Example: The fixture Manchester United – Chelsea ends 1-2. If you have placed an »Over« bet, your bet has won, because three…

6 What happens, if the match that I have placed a bet on is abandoned or postponed?

In the following cases an individual bet shall be deemed to be void and the stake will be paid back; or, if this single bet is part of a combination bet or system bet, it will be settled as won at odds of 1.00: If the betting event does not take place as stated on the betting slip (wrong participants). If the betting event is cancelled and will not be repeated (started) within 24 hours after the original…

7 What can I do if I am of the opinion that my bet bet has been incorrectly settled?

Please contact our customer support via e-mail. We are happy to provide you with the necessary information. You can find further information in our Betting and Sporting Rules.

8 What are the stipulated minimum stakes and winning limits at Bet3000?

Please notice: Due to regulatory reasons our casino is not available for the time being. Please deposit at least one euro into your account. If choose to you pay via bank transfer or Skrill, please deposit at least 10 euro. With a total stake of just 1 Euro you will then be able to make a selection from our many betting markets or play at our Casino. The winning limit for each user per bet is EUR…

9 What can I do if I have inadvertedly placed a bet? Can I cancel it?

As long as you have not clicked on the button »submit bet«, individual selections as well as your selections can be deleted in one go. Unfortunately, once your bet has been submitted, it can not be cancelled.

10 Where can I retrieve the details of the bets I have placed so far and the Casino games I have played

Please notice: Due to regulatory reasons our casino is not available for the time being. After logging in, click on the link »My account« shown below your user name on the right-hand side of the website. Under the menu item »Transactions« you will see the history of your bets and games including any winnings and losses.

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